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3514 Vance Court Indianapolis Indiana 46268 - Check out this great Pike Township all brick faced 2 story with full basement home!  This one is a must see.  Home has several updates including fresh paint, new carpets, vinyl flooring in kitchen and bath, painted cabinets with new counters and stainless steel appliances.  Home is situated on nice corner lot.  Check out this home and other Indianapolis Real Estate at  

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Thanksgiving is coming up this November 27. It’s a time when you enjoy each other's company, eat plenty of food and have a great time! In the spirit of Thanksgiving we should all be thinking of the wonderful gifts we have been given and express our gratitude in thoughts and actions. We are all aware of the traditional areas of thanks like; giving to those less fortunate, volunteering to help those in need, spreading words of kindness, supporting our troops, and expressing thanks for our good fortune. All of these are so very important in the realm of humanity.

We all love to know that we have something fun to look forward to over the holidays. So, start your planning now and extend the invitation to your friends, families or love ones ASAP! Sometimes,

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Are you going to be hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house this year? If so, you are probably feeling a bit nervous, excited, and maybe even a little overwhelmed. You are looking to make this special holiday perfect and for all of your guests to be happy and full! Ultimately as much as you try to control things and have every little detail ready there will inevitably be things you miss and aren't thinking of right now. To help relieve some holiday stress here are a few little tips that can make this a holiday to remember.

1. Make a plan to tackle some cleaning: No one wants to host a holiday meal in a dirty or unkempt home. Start brainstorming a list of what needs to be cleaned, fixed, or put away. A list will help you to keep organized as well as

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Our homes play a very important role in protecting us against extreme climate and weather conditions, giving us peace of mind of our families’ safety and providing us all the comfort we need. If you can make your home as your family’s best comfort zone, everybody will be at home right after school or work, weekends need not to be somewhere else to unwind and everyone can spend more time to each other developing stronger bonds and closer relationship. Customize your home to become your family’s best comfort zone by:

Gardening. Make use of your lot space and grow some plants like flowers to make the exterior of your home more charming to look at or vegetables that can help you save and eat fresh and nutritious food or go natural using some medicinal

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How do we really determine a successful living? And what are the factors behind that would help someone achieve it? The ways that a family practices at home can greatly affect the life of the children in the future. Parents must set the examples that their children may adopt and posses the right attitude. Here are some ideas on how you can build a happy home and also evaluate your progress in achieving a successful life.

1. Learn To Prioritize. Clear up your way and learn to distinguish your needs from your wants. By doing this, you will be able to organize things and act upon them accordingly. It would be easier for you to decide and can accurately accomplish the work since you are not so overwhelmed with all your to do’s.

2. Believe In Yourself.

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Selling a home is a very time-consuming job and not that easy to do. This involves creating marketing materials for publicity, conducting showings, attending phone calls from inquirers or potential buyers and processing of the documents. Doing all these would take so much of your energy and can be so stressful especially if you are a first time seller. This is where Realtors can be of great help in selling your home!


Time and Energy. You will be able to save a lot of time because you can instead spend your quality time for your loved ones than attending to tasks involve. You will not be too busy and exhausted in doing your own job as well. In this way, you will gain peace of mind that someone trustworthy is doing the selling for you while not

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Proper protection and maintenance of our home is one of the things we need to practice to keep our home from possible damages. Nonetheless, there are inevitable things to happen causing the materials to get weaker than normal. Some factors that can affect the condition of a home are Weather, Pests and Time. Here are useful ideas in order to be prepared and avoid possible inconveniences in the future.

1. Weather. We have no control over this, however, we can always prepare for it. Paints are not just to color your house and make it look more pleasant. They are used as coatings of your walls and roof against acid rain, sweltering climate, and dirt they may spoil and ruin the material in a much shorter time. Add truss bracings if possible to fortify your

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